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Bicyclist swerves to avoid oncoming driver in wrong lane on Halsted


Injury: No

What happened

Roadway description: Bike lane (left of parking lane)

Your story: Distracted driver?..Guy with a grudge?..or Drunk? I was biking south on Halsted in the bike lane, doing about 15mph. The street was open in both directions.  A northbound red SUV came across the center line directly at me at a good rate of speed.  At the last moment, I jerked my handlebars to the left, banked, and swerved directly in front of him because otherwise I would have been hit head-on.  I expected to to hit anyway, but more of a glancing blow.  Miraculously the SUV passed between my bike and the parked cars without reducing speed or hitting anything.  He wobbled a bit and turned left at the next intersection.

Suggested improvements: We have to increase gas taxes at Federal, State, County and City levels to reduce the amount of driving on the road. Gas should cost $9/gallon as it does in other advanced countries. And we have to make it much harder to pass the driver’s test, renew licenses, and regain suspended driving privileges when removed for dangerous or drunk driving. All people who bike should frequently write their representatives requesting such changes.