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Driver passes closely and then stops immediately, seemingly on purpose


Injury: No

What happened

Roadway description: No bicycle markings

Your story: Sometimes I choose Wrightwood because traffic is relatively light, and it’s a slow street due to the number of stop signs. Wrightwood is narrow, and is usually full on both sides of the street with parked cars, so it can be frustrating for drivers who encounter slower traffic. During this winter morning in February, traffic was light, and the roads were slick with a thin layer of packed snow, but not quite icy. I was cautiously cycling down Wrightwood, and there was no traffic ahead of me in either direction, when the driver of a silver Volkswagen Golf came up┬ábehind me, honked, and then passed me and stopped short very suddenly, as if to cause me to crash into her car from behind. I was barely able to stop in time at which point she drove away. There was no stop sign or other obstacle in the roadway to cause her to stop, it was obviously intended to cause me harm. It happened too quickly for me to react and pull out my phone to take a photo of her license plate.

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