Right hook near Milwaukee/Paulina


1. Right hook (car turned right, across your path)
2. Swerved into your path and then out of your path
Injury: No

What happened?

Roadway description: Sharrows (bicycle symbol with two chevrons)

Your story: Ignorant driver, began to swerve right into parking lane w/o turn signal on NW Bound Milwaukee. Hard brake required. Avoided impact. Hard to fathom a driver not being aware of cyclists on Milwaukee Ave, she just left the stop light with 10 of us. No signs of driver distraction (e.g. phone). Driver honestly seemed confused.

Suggested improvements: 1) No cars on Milwaukee Ave. 2) Removal of one parking lane + PBL 3) Oprah as President 4) Curbside, parking protected PBLs (in order of likeliness)

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