Shuttle buses’ poor parking blocks bike lane on Clinton Street


Passed really closely
Injury: No

What happened

Roadway description: Bike lane (against the curb)

Your story: Communter Bus (The Free Enterprise System, 708-474-7474) stops directly in bike lane to allow passengers to board bus.

I was riding south on Clinton Street between Randolph and Washington [one-way, southbound]. This block is especially treacherous since there are taxicabs loading/unloading, a CTA bus stop ahead (at the NW corner of Clinton and Washington Streets); but I cannot easily avoid it as I park my bike in a building on this block.

As I was coming south, one of the (many) commuter shuttle buses from this company is stopped to load passengers DIRECTLY in the bike lane, which is separated from the curb by a parking lane (not even up against the curb where a CTA bus would stop to load/unload).

As a result, I am forced to ride into traffic to go around this bus (they sit there for several minutes) directly into southbound traffic; which includes cabs moving from the left lanes (picking up passengers) into my lane; all the while avoiding speeding cars already in the center lane. Two drivers buzzed me.

I stopped and politely asked the bus driver why she needed to stop in the bike lane (as opposed to pulling all the way over to the curb – as it creates a hazardous situation for me) and she (very beligerently announced) “it’s also a bus lane”. I then (also politely) asked what her name was and the phone number where I could report her and she then shut the door and ignored me.

Suggested improvements: better enorcement of existing bike lane laws. more signage. bollards.

[Steven doesn’t agree that more signage is an effective way to reduce the incidence of this kind of violation, or most kinds of violations. The more signage that’s added the more we tend to ignore it.]