Driver blows through red light at Clark/Madison, nearly hits bicyclist

Injury: No

What happened

Roadway description: Bike lane (left of bus lane)

Your story: I was biking westbound on Madison. I had a green light as I crossed Clark. A southbound driver of a black sedan on Clark blew through the red light and almost hit me; the driver slammed on the brakes and we barely avoided each other.

Suggested improvements: I was too shaken up to have the wherewithal to talk to the driver before (s)he drove away. I would like to know if this was the result of distracted driving, or what. To just blow through a red light (the Madison Street green light was nearing the end of its countdown, so this driver was not simply trying and failing to beat a yellow) seems egregious to me. Maybe if there isn’t a red light camera at that intersection, there should be.