Family harassed on Montrose while crossing Ravenswood


Injury: No

What happened

Roadway description: No bicycle markings

Your story: My wife, two kids (ages 5 and 6), and I were cycling to Margie’s Candies for some good old fashioned family fun. We were slowly crossing N Ravenswood on the south side of Montrose on our bikes (using the sidewalk as my kids are small and one is still on training wheels). My wife corked the intersection to ensure cars wouldn’t go through as my kids were crossing. A man driving a dry cleaning van began to honk and scream at my wife to get the “f” outta the way – while my kids were crossing. He was heading southbound on N Ravenswood and wanted to cross Montrose, but was apparently inconvenienced by a family crossing his path. He started to come forward while my son was still crossing. That’s when he saw me – I gave him a piece of my mind – and he backed down like the coward he is. I wish I got the plate number of the white van, so I could have reported it to his employer, but my rage got the best of me and I was focused on verbally undressing this ass.

Suggested improvements: I don’t know – road rage classes for all drivers.