Cabbie right hooks bicyclist on Milwaukee, blames and harasses bicyclist


Right hook (car turned right, across your path)
Injury: No

What happened

Roadway description: Wide/buffered bike lane (between travel lane and parking lane)

Your story: Cab sped up to pass after crossing intersection of Grand and Milwaukee. He had obviously seen me, but decided he just HAD to get to the car wash an extra 5 seconds early. Instead of waiting for me to pass, he proceeded to turn. I grabbed both brakes firmly, but still did a slow roll/skid into the side of his cab.

He then rolled down his window and decided it was my “f-in fault and that I needed to watch where the f I was going”. I let him know that he needed to watch were he was going, especially if he was turning across a busy bike lane. I also let him know that he needed to learn to use his turn signal, not only to alert bikers, but also vehicle traffic behind him. He then turned on his signal, said it had been on the entire time and told me that I was “f-in blind”.

Before leaving, I let him know I was reporting him to 311 (which I did). He then started to chase me down, so I hopped up on the sidewalk– in order to use parked cars as a buffer. Somewhere between the car wash and the light to turn onto Kinzie, he decided to stop chasing me.  FYI– it was a Yellow Cab, Ford Escape. I’l keep the cab # to myself.

Suggested improvements: More education to cab drivers.

  • limod

    Be sure to call 311! They will haul the cabbie’s butt in for questioning to at least get him off the road and lose revenue. He might, but I doubt it, think twice next time.