Pinch point and sunken sewer cover cause for almost being doored on Milwaukee


Almost doored

Injury: No

What happened

Roadway description: Sharrows (bicycle symbol with two chevrons)

Your story: Just your typical almost dooring on Milwaukee. This happened right around the stretch of SB Milwaukee, just past division where there is no bike lane and the bike lane is about to start. I’m not even sure if a sharrow is technically there or not. Was moving with traffic, had blinking light on at night and nearly lost it to an inconsiderate motorist exiting their vehicle. Few cars with me, but the motorist behind me (thankfully) was sharing the road with me and giving me space so I was able to swerve and avoid the door.

Suggested improvements: Continuous bike lane on lower Milwaukee. At least better road markings or removal of parking from near major intersections where the bike lanes tend to disappear within 100 feet of them until bike lanes start back up. Crossing Division from SB Milwaukee always has that pinch point right there with traffic on the left, giant, uneven manhole in the middle and parking cars on the right. Hate it every morning and I’m always one of those cyclists who tries to get the jump on the light to have room to make it through safely.