Bicyclist yells and car passenger quickly shuts door, avoiding a crash


Almost doored
Injury: No

What happened

Roadway description: Left-side bike lane (right of parking lane)

Your story: I was riding home from work on Monday, July 15, 2013 around 5:15pm. I take the ¬†bike lane on Dearborn Street north to Walton, then head west on Walton to Clark Street and take that to Lincoln. North of Kedzie Street, the Dearborn cycle track becomes a one-way bike lane on the left side of the street with parked cars against the curb to a rider’s left hand side. As I neared my turn onto Walton, the passenger side door of a black sedan swung open. I immediately slowed my bicycle and yelled out. The passenger quickly grabbed the door and shut it before I made contact or swerved into the road. I came less than two feet from hitting the door. Thankfully, quick reactions from both of us allowed me to safely complete my ride home.

Suggested improvements: The unorthodox nature of parked cars on the left side of a cyclist calls for a buffer between the parking spots and the bike lane. If the passenger and I had and extra 12-24 inches of space, we could have avoided our scare.

Location is approximate.