High-speed traffic on Fullerton makes drivers wary and not look for bicyclists


Left hook: oncoming (opposite direction car turned left, across your path)
Injury: No

What happened

Roadway description: No bicycle markings

Your story: I was heading south on Oakley while towing my daughter in a Burley trailer. I stopped at the stop sign at Fullerton. Another car was stopped at the stop sign across Fullerton facing north with no turn signal. When there was a gap in the cars on Fullerton long enough to stop safely, I proceeded, but the car coming towards me turned left, nearly hitting me. I hit my brakes in time to avoid an accident. I saw a look of horror on the driver’s face as she realized she nearly took out a bike pulling a child.

Suggested improvements:

1. More driver education and better licensing.

2. Better bike infrastructure near Fullerton and Western Avenue. Both streets are difficult to cross when you don’t have the protection of a light, but the streets with that protection tend to be terrible to bike on. ┬áMy daughter’s daycare is near Fullerton and Western, and we keep trying different routes to find one to safely pick her up.

3. Speed enforcement and traffic calming on Fullerton. I suspect the reason the driver made the mistake she did was because she was nervous about all the high-speed traffic on Fullerton that would be coming if she didn’t make the left turn quickly enough.