Bicyclist left-hooked while cycling in 18th Street protected bike lane


Left hook


18th Street and Wentworth Avenue

25th Ward, Alderman Solis

What happened

Driver turned left from westbound 18th, southbound onto Wentworth crossing my eastbound path. I was able to slow down enough to avoid an actual collision, but it was very close. We did exchange words, but mine were in English and the driver’s were in another language so I’m not sure if anything useful was conveyed.

Suggested improvements for this location: Ideally, there should be no motor vehicle access to or from Wentworth at this intersection. At the very least, northbound traffic on Wentworth should be physically limited to one lane. When two lanes form, it is not uncommon for the left turning traffic to block the view of the right turning traffic “forcing” them to creep out into the bike lane to see what is happening. The alderman’s office claims that such a project (a bump-out of some kind) is in the works.