Cabbie in right-turn lane goes straight instead of turning right


1. Passed really closely
2. Other (read what happened)
Injury: No

What happened

Roadway description: Bike lane (conventional, left of parking lane)

Your story: I was in the bike lane going westbound on Madison when I got to LaSalle. The lane to the right is a right-turn only lane. As a car is supposed to turn directly right, I was going to turn right as well, but into the far lane on LaSalle as opposed to the curb lane [so I was going to make a right turn from the through lane next to the right-turn lane]. Well, as I got to the light it turned green for traffic on Madison. The cab in the right-turn lane, instead of turning right, went straight across, about an inch from my front tire.

Suggested improvements: Not sure that I was in the right by expecting to take a right turn there, but I know the cab was in the wrong by not turning. The paint markings are clear enough there.  I just chalk it up to bad driving.