Driver revvs engine to play game with bicyclist who took the lane on Washington


Passed really closely
Injury: No

What happened

Roadway description: No bicycle markings

Your story: The driver of a black Audi revved his engine as he passed me within inches this morning. I was riding in a straight line in the far right lane on Washington (eastbound). When I caught up to him at Washington and Michigan, he rolled down his window and told me to “Stay out of the road!”. I replied that he must not know the law. I explained that when no bike infrastructure exists and there are several lanes of traffic in the same direction, I have the right to take a lane. He laughed and said, “So that was too close for ya?”.  I said yes and started to explain the 3-foot law when he sped off laughing.

Suggested improvements: Educate motorists, enforce traffic laws and more “Bikes may take full lane” signs on streets without bike infrastructure.  I’ve had more than a dozen motorists yell at me when I do take the lane on Washington – they believe cyclists aren’t allowed on streets without bike lanes, sharrows, etc.