Right-hooked at Elston just north of Armitage (hotspot)


2050 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL
32nd Ward, Scott Waguespack


Right hook (car turned right, across your path)

What happened

Traveling northbound on Elston – where there is no bike lane because it ends at Cortland – just before Ashland, but after the light at Armitage, I took the lane. I often do this to make it clear that I’m not planning to turn right onto Ashland and to give those who are going to turn right the room to move into the [faded] right-turn lane.

The driver of a 4-door sedan moved from behind me to my left and proceeded to move in front of me as the driver turned the vehicle onto Ashland from the right lane. He drove quickly and I narrowly avoided the right hook. (The video below clearly demonstrates the issue.)

Suggested improvements

The stretch of Elston north of Cortland needs clear on-street markings that delineate a bicycle lane and travel lanes.

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/74604351]

The Elston Avenue right hook, Steven Vance

  • Lauren

    I found your blog through the CDOT discussion about Elston Ave and I must say, I am impressed with your description of the problem, backed by clear videos. Good work!

    • http://www.stevevance.net/ Steven Vance

      Thanks for watching the video. I have contacted CDOT and Alderman Scott Waguespack about what changes the city is proposing for the intersection. I believe that bicycling ridership on Elston will remain low because of the low quality bike lanes, driveways through Little Schaumburg, truck traffic, and turning traffic at skewed intersections like this one. I don’t think it has to be that way.