Typical right hook on Halsted/North becomes a collision


Right hook

What happened

I was biking southbound on Halsted Street, approaching the intersection with North Avenue, when the driver of an SUV turned right in front of me, clipping my front wheel. I went over my handlebars after braking aggressively and lost consciousness.  An ambulance ride, X-Rays, CT scan and lots of pain meds later…I was mostly fine. Lots of road rash on my face, a fractured orbital bone, and a bruised cornea. All in all, I consider myself lucky.

Suggested improvements for this location: Remove the parking on the north side of Halsted near the intersection so that there is a longer right turn lane, and refresh the lane markings, clearly indicating a bike lane.

Editor’s note: This submission is clearly more than a close call but a collision. I’ve published this submission to discuss the results of what is an extremely typical maneuver by drivers (the right hook).