Impatient driver swerves around waiting car and almost hits bicyclist


Swerved into your path and then out of your path
Injury: No

What happened

Roadway description: Sharrows (bicycle symbol with two chevrons). Editor’s note: They’re severely faded here.

Your story: Headed northbound on N Milwaukee Near 1351 N Milwaukee. This was the typical change “lanes” on a one lane road to pass the turning motorist. Lead driver was turning the car left onto Wood Street, second driver grew impatient and attempted to pass with little room, I was forced to brake hard to avoid being pinched between swerving car and parked cars.

Suggested improvements:

1) No cars on Milwaukee through Wicker Park
2) Protected Bike Lane
3) Something to raise awareness to motorists and this deadly maneuver. Make it illegal to pass a turning vehicle on road with only one travel lane in each direction?