Bicyclist and driver vie for same space at poorly marked intersection


Right hook or left hook

What happened

Your story: I was heading southeast on Milwaukee Avenue and came to a stop where Milwaukee meets up with Belmont. There was a red truck (fairly large, probably an F250 with the cab covering the bed) that was in the right lane.

I biked between the car that was in the lane to go straight and in between the truck, as I presumed the truck was going to turn.

As soon as I got between the two the light changed to green and the truck sped up really quick and was merely inches away from me. It felt VERY aggressive. The car behind me then honked at me because I had to maneuver over a little bit to avoid getting seriously hurt from this large truck.

There was another biker just a little bit ahead of me, but I don’t think he saw anything because he didn’t react at all. The large truck continued to go really fast down Milwaukee.

Suggested improvements for this location:

I think there should at least be sharrows because drivers in this area do not seem to expect bikes. I’ve been passed very closely when I was doing absolutely nothing wrong more than once.

Editor’s note: This intersection, like most, could benefit from refreshed pavement markings. Secondly, the right lane could be marked as a right-turn lane (buses and bicycles excepted).