Left-turn boxes on Dearborn need better visibility and understanding



What happened

I was heading southbound in the Dearborn Street two-way protected bike lane with a green light and pulled left into the green left-hand turn box for cyclists who need to turn east onto Lake Street. A driver heading north on Dearborn in the left-hand lane honked, screamed, and made a “what are you thinking!?” gesture (with both hands off the wheel). The driver was a middle-aged Caucasian female with short curly hair in a maroon SUV.

Suggested improvements for this location: I assume the driver either couldn’t see the green box for cyclists or doesn’t understand what it is, and thought I was about to pull out into traffic. It would be great to have vertical signage as well as the painted ground–perhaps a post on the southeast corner of the box could alert drivers in the left-hand northbound lane to expect cyclists to be stopped there.

Editor’s note: I think a block of concrete would work pretty well as a street divider, perhaps with some short scrub.