Impatient motorists almost slam into bicyclist on Harrison Street


Right hook or left hook
Had to stop abruptly

What happened

Traveling West on the Harrison motor speedway, coming over the bridge. Only one lane is marked, but many drivers treat this as a two lane road (in each direction). One vehicle was waiting to make left turn into the Post Office. Impatient WB driver decided to skirt around turning motorist at the same time a faster WB motorist had the same idea. So stopped car darted out towards me, faster car darted out to me. All of us had to slam on the brakes. Thankfully I was okay and the bridge (which I was currently on) had the plates, otherwise I would have skidded on the metal bridge and been in a world of pain.

Suggested improvements for this location: Harrison needs a) Road diet b) bike lanes c) better markings d) motorists need to learn that waiting behind a stopped car has virtually no impact on their commute time and the risks in savings 2 seconds in getting to the next stop light are not worth my life.