Bicyclist right-hooked by UPS van driver on Kinzie Street


Right hook

What happened

Traveling eastbound on Kinzie in a protected bike lane. After Kinzie street bridge a UPS Ford Transit van speeds ahead of me (traveling in same direction) and pulls a right hook (south) across the protected bike lane into the parking lot area (between the Apparel Mart and Chicago River). I was inches from a collision, luckily there was room to swerve right out of his path while braking.

Suggested improvements for this location: The protected bike lanes are clearly marked. This was a case of a UPS driver in a hurry, disregarding cyclist safety.

Ed. note: Many of the plastic posts at this location, which contribute to the identity and demarcation of the travel and bike lanes, have been missing for over a year.

The submitter contacted UPS via Twitter and they responded asking for more details “to put [them] in contact with the local management to ensure this is addressed properly”. UPS concluded the conversation with “I’ve passed this information along including the location and license plate number so that this can be addressed at the local level”.