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Bicyclist right-hooked by UPS van driver on Kinzie Street


Right hook

What happened

Traveling eastbound on Kinzie in a protected bike lane. After Kinzie street bridge a UPS Ford Transit van speeds ahead of me (traveling in same direction) and pulls a right hook (south) across the protected bike lane into the parking lot area (between the Apparel Mart and Chicago River). I was inches from a collision, luckily there was room to swerve right out of his path while braking.

Suggested improvements for this location: The protected bike lanes are clearly marked. This was a case of a UPS driver in a hurry, disregarding cyclist safety.

Ed. note: Many of the plastic posts at this location, which contribute to the identity and demarcation of the travel and bike lanes, have been missing for over a year.

The submitter contacted UPS via Twitter and they responded asking for more details “to put [them] in contact with the local management to ensure this is addressed properly”. UPS concluded the conversation with “I’ve passed this information along including the location and license plate number so that this can be addressed at the local level”.

Driver almost hits cyclist and then drives wrong way down Wayne Avenue


Abrupt stop

What happened

Driver took a right turn from Grace on Wayne to head south on Wayne. I was traveling north on northbound, one-way Wayne.  Just as he took his turn he almost hit me so I pulled quickly to the side. He then stopped his car to roll down his window and scream obscenities about bikers taking over the rode. He then proceeded to speed the wrong way on a one way south on Wayne. The whole incident was unbelievable that I had to share.

Ed. note: The submitter didn’t suggest any improvements to this location. The only one I can think of is a traffic diverter (preventing the wrong-way driving, mostly), but while that would solve this specific problem it may be solving problems this particular part of the neighborhood doesn’t have (like reducing cut-through traffic). 

Bicyclist yells to get driver’s attention and veers to avoid collision



What happened

I was riding southbound on a Divvy bike past Marina City. I had lights on my helmet to supplement those on the bike. A car that had been standing at the curb suddenly started to pull out into traffic when I was next to it. I called out loudly as I veered left in the lane. The driver stopped and waited until after I’d passed.

Suggested improvements for this location: Sharrows

Ed. note: You can fit a protected bike lane here. 

Bicyclist asks driver to stop playing video games, gets nicked instead


Harassing driver

What happened

Driver was playing a video game on his phone (farmville?  It was a phablet phone and the screen appeared to have grass and animals on it) with both hands while vehicle was moving.  His window was down and I yelled at him to pay attention, put his phone down!  Driver replied with “what difference does it make to you?” and jerked the wheel in my direction, swerving his vehicle into me, hitting my arm with his mirror.

Suggested improvements for this location: Buffered or Protected bike lane along with Bike Boxes ahead of the stop bar.  Car traffic is almost always backed up at this location and there are a LOT of commuters on Lincoln.  Buffering would be an improvement over the current sharrows but a PBL would ideal.