Bicyclist grazed, but not injured, at California/Addison


Passed closely

What happened

I was stopped at the red light on California at Addison, heading south. As I was waiting for the light to change, a car pulled up next to me – too close and grazed my left side – the car hit my handlebar hard enough I had to catch myself and bike on my right leg. The driver did not get out of the car or roll down his window to say anything to me, just waved.

I pulled up a little ahead of the car to see its license plate, which, I believe said “R59 8280” (though when the police did a license place search it didn’t seem to match the car). It was a light-colored Toyota Corolla. As I wasn’t hurt, just annoyed, and my bike was ok, I pulled ahead once the light changed and continued on my way. As I was biking, though, the guy passed me and blew a kiss at me. Because apparently, sexism solves traffic accidents.

Ed. note: This is a collision, but since the bicyclist wasn’t injured I’m unsure if this would merit showing up in the Illinois crash reports dataset. Since the goal of Close Calls is to report the unreported, I am including it here. The submitter didn’t provide suggested improvements.