CTA bus drivers graze and nearly right-hook Clark Street cyclist


Passed closely

What happened

I was passed very closely by three different CTA bus drivers this morning on Clark Street heading south from Addison to the Loop. One bus actually grazed my elbow and the other two passed me within a foot. I was cycling slightly slower than usual in the extreme left of the Clark Street bike/bus lane due to all the slush on the side of the road [see a video of what this lane looks like]. There appeared to be a bus bunching problem because I have never seen so many buses in a row on Clark before.

One bus driver also nearly right-hooked me as they started veering to the right towards the bus stop before they had even halfway passed me but I swerved into the slush to get out of the way.

Bus drivers passing with minimal clearance is a recurring problem on Clark Street for me and is not road condition-dependent. Normally I would take the lane if I felt like there wasn’t enough space for a driver to pass, but Clark is definitely wide enough to give the necessary clearance.

Suggested improvements for this location: Please remind CTA bus drivers of the 3-feet rule when passing and remind them to make sure they have completely passed any cyclists before veering right into the bus stop.