CTA bus driver passes cyclist, traps them, forces them to abandon bike at curb


Passed closely


2600 W Armitage, at Rockwell
1st Ward, Alderman Moreno

What happened

I was traveling eastbound on Armitage just east of Rockwell street. The Chicago Transit Authority bus in question began to pass me on my left, and then began to turn right while it was alongside me, trapping me between the curb and the bus. I yelled, “hey! hey! hey!”, but the bus continued moving rightward, and I had to jump off of my bike and pull it up onto the curb to avoid being run over by the bus. This was especially dangerous because there was snow and slush packed up against the curb and on the curb, and if I had slipped, I may have gone under the bus’s wheels. It was daylight, I was riding with my lights on, and I was wearing reflective clothing, so if the bus driver did not see me, it is because she was not looking. 

Suggested improvements for this location: I agree with other comments on this site that CTA drivers need to be better trained that bikes are not the same as stationary obstacles – that they need to be passed with more distance.