Bicyclist almost clipped when trying to avoid a dooring on Halsted Street


Almost doored
Had to stop abruptly


2601 N Halsted St (at Wrightwood)
43rd Ward, Alderman Smith

What happened

Was going north on Halsted, which just received buffered bike lanes north of Fullerton. I had just cleared the Wrightwood intersection, where there are still no bike lanes (just sharrows) after the light turned green when a man entering his car flung the door open as he looked at me coming in his path. I started to go to the left when I was cut off by a driver who turned right to swing into a parking spot. I stopped abruptly.


It doesn’t matter if you looked at me first, people getting into cars need to wait to open their doors.

Chicago needs to stop cutting bike lanes off at intersections and there need to be more good ways to get further north without having to go all the way over to a street like Damen.

We also need to stop pretending Halsted is a good bike route.