Bicyclist maneuvers quickly to avoid getting hit by motorist’s sudden lane change


Right hook or left hook
Had to stop abruptly


801 N Milwaukee Ave (at Chicago Ave)
27th Ward, Alderman Burnett

What happened

A southbound motorist in thru lane on Milwaukee Ave had their lane partially blocked by vehicle turning left onto eastbound Chicago Ave. Motorist clearly had more important things to do than be inconvenienced for three seconds so they decided to swerve into my path. Dangerous maneuver by me, moving right into the right turn lane to avoid motorist.


Lane markings and paint have reduced visibility at night and when coated in evaporated salt. Maybe some of those embedded lights?

Or, for that tiny pinch point middle bike lane, barrier preventing motorists from making last second lane choices. (Similar to the cluster at Milwaukee/Augusta/expressway.)