Bicyclist stops abruptly at Ohio/Milwaukee, a secretly problematic intersection


600 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL United States


Had to stop abruptly

What happened

I was riding NB on Milwaukee Ave, in the bike lane. An SUV going westbound on Ohio ran the stop sign in order to turn right onto Milwaukee, across my path. As soon as I saw what he was doing, I started yelling while squeezing my brakes. I managed to stop just short of colliding with him, and he apologized.

Suggested improvements 

Stop allowing westbound traffic on Ohio on this block. Maybe there are less drastic solutions, but I cannot think of any.

This is possibly the most dangerous intersection I regularly ride through. Drivers pull out in front of bikes without looking on a regular basis here. I’ve learned to be very alert whenever I see a car approaching the stop sign, and it is only because of that that I didn’t crash in this instance.