Cab passenger in double-parked cab nearly doors bicyclist downtown


131 North Clinton Street
42nd Ward, Alderman Reilly


Almost doored

What happened

I witnessed another Divvy rider in front of me pass a cab double-parked in the left lane. A passenger in the taxi opened a door just as the rider passed by, forcing her to swerve around the door.

Suggested improvements

Since a dock is located just a half block ahead of this point, on the opposite side of where the bike lanes are, a cycle track should be added to Clinton along the left (east) side of the street.

This cycle track should enclose the four blocks surrounding Ogilvie and the main Union Station structure. It would be the main collector cycle track for bicycle commuters utilizing the terminals.

Ed. note: The Chicago Department of Transportation may improve the bike facility on this street as part of the Central Loop BRT project, but so far has made no indication they will (two east-west streets will have bike facilities, Randolph and Washington, as part of the project).