Driver buzzes bicyclist on Clark Street “with just a few inches between us”


1925 N Clark St Chicago, IL
43rd Ward, Alderman Michele Smith


Passed closely

What happened

A maroon Nissan Sentra passed me with just a few inches between us. This occurred in the right lane, just north of the Lincoln/Clark intersection, going south. The driver didn’t honk, just pulled up right beside me and started to pass me. I yelled, “HEY! MOVE! OVER!” and the driver did nothing.

At the light, there was enough time for me to knock (gently, I swear) on the window and tell the driver they have to give cyclists at least two feet of room when they pass. The driver and his passenger ignored me completely while I said that, stared straight ahead. After I turned right on to Lincoln, then left onto Wells, the driver caught up with me and stayed just off to my left and behind me until I hit the intersection of Wells and Chicago, at which point the car traffic was such that they lost me.

I’m not sure what their motivation was for following me, perhaps they were just taking the same route and were now afraid to pass me after our initial interaction.

Suggested improvements

That stretch of Clark after the bike lanes disappear has always resulted in bad car/bike interactions for me, especially once Clark expands south of Dickens. Add that to the potholes there and it results in some very close passing. My only suggestion would be an actual lane, or least better marked sharrows.