Bicyclist almost doored on Damen and driver yells afterwards, “look out”


Damen and Concord Chicago, IL 60613
32nd, Scott Waguespack, soon to be 2nd, Bob Fioretti


Almost doored

What happened

I was heading south on Damen towards Milwaukee and luckily traffic was stopped. A woman threw her car door open. I swerved out of the way and stopped in front of her car to look back at her. She started screaming at me to look out so I left without saying anything.

Suggested improvements

Switch the bike lane and the parked cars so that the cyclists are protected from moving vehicles should a dooring occur. At the very least, wider lanes and better striping on bike lanes so car parkers know that there might be cyclists to look out for.

Ed. note: This part of Damen has extremely faded bike lane striping.