The Fascist Automobile vs. Bicycle Rebellion

I won’t editorialize much on this website. As you know, it documents all the crashes that almost happened. It’s a tool to keep tabs on some of the reasons why people don’t take up bicycling in Chicago at a good rate.

Hart Noecker writes “Rebel Metropolis” from Portland, Oregon, and they’re not kidding around when they discuss all the ways that automobiles are terrible for cities. It’s a voice that’s not heard much. In Chicago, for all the ways that bicycling is being encouraged, there are not equivalent, or even a fraction of, ways to discourage running people over with cars, polluting, and causing the city to spend millions on road maintenance without full reimbursement.

Here’re the first two paragraphs of their latest blog post:

For months I haven’t had a hostile altercation with a motorist while riding my 12-speed 1987 Peugeot Corbier. It’s uncanny. In the war between bikes and cars, this cycling soldier hasn’t seen much action. Nor have I heard many tales of defying death from my bicycling comrades of late.

Granted, winter has just ended. Warm weather means more bikes in the street thereby making riders more visible, but a rising heat index can also elevate stress levels and increase incidents of road rage.

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