Bicyclist gets the horn and screaming treatment on Addison by Lane Tech High School


2500 W. Addison St. Chicago, IL 60618
47th, Alderman Pawar


Harassing driver
Passed closely

What happened

Driver in a minivan laid on his horn and screamed at me on Addison while I was traveling eastbound. This street has no shoulder at all and cyclists have no choice but to take the lane. Traffic jams when cars stop to turn left into McDonald’s. Once able to pass, the driver passed me with maybe a foot of clearance and proceeded to swerve towards me in a threatening manner several times before he was stopped by traffic and I was able to get ahead of him.

Suggested improvements

One lane of Addison between California and Western should be turned into a clearly marked bike lane. Traffic jams from left-turning vehicles could be resolved with green arrow cycles on the stoplights. A bike lane might also prevent parents from illegally parking their vehicles in the right lane to drop off kids at Lane Tech.

I wouldn't advise people to bike on Addison like this city sign doesEd. note: A sign installed by the City of Chicago several years ago recommends that people bicycle east on Addison from California through this area to reach Wrigley Field (see photo). As the development of the Streets for Cycling Plan 2020 continued it became clear that there are few comfortable routes to cross the Chicago River (and expressways).

I use Montrose or Belmont to cross the river and I would never use Addison or Irving Park. Belmont is very similar to Addison in that it has four travel lanes and no bike lanes, but for a much shorter segment. 

  • Guest

    Yeah, that green route Bike signage on Addison always makes me laugh. What a joke

  • Russell

    Yeah that green Bike route signage on Addison always makes me laugh…what a joke

    • Peter Debelak

      The real joke is that you have to go a mile and a half between reasonable ways to cross the river. I don’t really think Montrose and Belmont are that great over the river either, so I just take whatever street is closest. This includes using Irving Park or Addison depending on where I am and where I’m going.

      • Steven Vance

        Traffic on Montrose is a LOT slower-moving than Belmont, Addison, Irving Park. That’s its main advantage. The door zone? Definitely a disadvantage.

    • Steven Vance

      Just added a photo so people know what I’m talking about.

      I’d like to see the bike route signage come down and a completely new system replace it. Don’t waste time doing a survey and figuring out which signs should say. Start over.