Bicyclist ignored and honked at by taxi driver in Lakeview intersection


2900 N Clark St, Chicago, IL
44th, Alderman Tom Tunney


Had to stop abruptly

What happened

I was riding south on Clark in the buffered bike lane. There was a taxi on Oakdale at the stop sign waiting to cross Clark to continue west on Oakdale. There is no stop sign for Clark St traffic here so I proceeded. There was a long line of cars ahead of me, but I was far enough behind the other cars to be outside of any blind spots. After the last car in the line went through, the taxi pulled out just as I was crossing Oakdale, and honked at me as if I were in his way. I slowed down quickly but at that point I had already crossed his path.

Suggested improvements

Sometimes it feels like drivers do not look out for bicyclists and believe there are only cars on the road.

This stretch of Clark St has no traffic controls (stop lights/signs) from Wellington to Diversey. There should be traffic calming measures to slow down car traffic and make it easier for pedestrians and bike riders, who are often ignored, to be visible. In general, all drivers need to learn that cars are not the only vehicles using the streets.