Bicyclist slams on brakes to avoid hitting inattentive driver on Milwaukee


1077 N Milwaukee Ave
27th Ward, Alderman Burnett


Had to stop abruptly

What happened

Cyclist directly in front of me was traveling northwest on Milwaukee Avenue in the bike lane when a driver pulled out of the parking lot without looking. There were parked cars to the right of us, and solid traffic to the left. The driver pulled out in front of the cyclist, blocking the bike lane, causing the cyclist to slam on his brakes to avoid running into the side of the car. The driver was on his cell phone, glanced at the cyclist, and then sped out into traffic, turning left onto Milwaukee. No words or gestures were exchanged, and cyclist continued on and was not injured. The vehicle was an older model black SUV.

Suggested improvements

Signage could be added at the driveway, indicating that cyclists may be present.

Ed. note: This driver, and all of those who use this parking lot, should know better because of the 1000s of cyclists that pass here in both directions daily. Also, the city should improve the sight lines here by removing car parking on either side of the driveways.