Bicyclist right-hooked on Milwaukee as driver turns into fast food lot


2246 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago, il 60647
1st Ward, Alderman Moreno


Right hook

What happened

I was biking south on Milwaukee Ave [which has a conventional bike lane] at a consistent speed. ┬áThere was a cyclist in front of me by two car lengths, and so I was matching their speed. The driver of a blue SUV, an older model, attempted to turn into the parking lot of Cafeteria Marianao slightly ahead of me, completely cutting me off. I yelled “HEY” and started braking immediately. If I had not, the vehicle would have hit me. He stopped, and when I stopped to look at him, he began screaming about how I biked too fast. The situation did not seem safe, so I left.

Suggested improvements

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