Cop right-hooks cyclist on Montrose and yells obscenity


4632 W. Montrose Chicago, IL 60641


Right hook
Harassing driver

What happened

Was traveling westbound on Montrose. Saw car come up on right, thought it was a cab. It was a Chicago police department┬ácar. It sped up to turn right in front of me. I had to brake a bit to avoid the collision. I said “Really?” loudly, and the officer stopped post-turn, rolled his window down, and told me to “fuck off.”

Suggested improvements

There is street parking just east of there, and the entrance ramp to the Kennedy west. Bike lanes would help on Montrose, but perhaps removing the parking or putting a dedicated turn lane for Knox might help. Many drivers get in the right lane just before Cicero as Montrose opens, only to have to bunch back up at the parking before Knox.