Nissan driver tells bicyclist riding on Franklin St. to “get the hell off the road”


646 N Franklin St, Chicago, IL
42nd Ward, Alderman Reilly


Passed closely

What happened

A driver in a gold/champagne-colored, early 2000s Nissan Altima passed too close to me (~1-2 inches of separation) northbound on Franklin, just south of Erie. I yelled “HEY!” when the driver got too close. We both stopped at the red light at Erie, at which point the driver rolled down his window, hung up his cell phone call, and told me to “Get the hell off the road.” I was pretty worked up, so when I angrily told him that he had to give me 3 feet at minimum, he insisted that he was right and I had to get out of his way and that bikes should get out of the street.

I asked (still pretty angrily and adrenaline fueled) him if he’d like to talk to a cop about it, even offering to show him exactly which law he violated with the Bike Laws app. He told me to fuck off and said, “I’ll turn you into one of those white bikes with flowers on them.”

When the light finally changed, the driver sped off straight, I chose to turn right on to Erie rather than deal with encountering him again.

Suggested improvements

Just any bike infrastructure would be nice, really. [There aren’t]¬†even sharrow markings on that part of the street.

The road is also very narrow as it’s under the El tracks, so I think adjusting/removing parking along that part of the street would also help.