Bicyclist alerts driver to impending collision, driver avoids and revs engine


4100 N California Ave, Chicago, IL
33rd Ward, Alderman Deb Mell


Had to stop abruptly

What happened

Heading north on California Ave next to Horner Park and a driver¬†abruptly decided to try and move into the parking lane in order to turn right into one of the Horner Park entrances. They saw me and I yelled and then told them to watch out, which the driver and 5 passengers didn’t seem to like, which led to the driver revving his engine while I continued in front of him north on California.

Suggested improvements

Repainting the shared bike lane markings would be nice. A protected bike lane would be better although I don’t know if the street is wide enough [it would be wide enough if you removed parking from one side, like the park side which has its own parking lots].

Something like California between Addison and Roscoe would be better (well defined lane, maybe buffered).