Bicyclist has to stop abruptly to avoid SUV turning in front of view-blocking FedEx truck


701 N Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL
Ward 27, Alderman Burnett


Abrupt stop

What happened

Was cycling northbound on Milwaukee in the marked bike lane. First had to navigate around illegally parked delivery truck completely blocking the bike lane leaving a totally blind intersection to cross through. Then, the driver of a large SUV makes a left turn into a parking lot and unexpectedly stops while completely blocking the bike lane.

Slamming on the brakes is the only alternative here due to another illegally parked delivery truck which is blocking the only other safe exit path from this situation.

Suggested improvements

For this location and others would be designated parking areas for delivery vehicles that don’t block traffic lanes or bike lanes and are located in such a way that don’t create obstructed views of intersections. Also, ticketing of illegally parked vehicles could help with the illegal parking.