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Two motorists don’t look before turning, nearly hit bicyclist on Fullerton


Fullerton and Clark
43rd Ward, Alderman Michelle Smith


Right hook

What happened

First two blocks before Clark St between Orchard St and Geneva Terrance, a motorist was in their car standing still with no hazards on in the travel lane. Without a turn signal he began to turn right, in front of me, to enter a residential parking lot. I was already half-way into passing him so I had to do a U-turn and turn with him.

Then, a few seconds later approaching Clark St, all cars were standing at the red light. I was making my way to the front and the motorist in the fifth car closest to the traffic light decided to scoot further right (into me) forcing me to move as far right as I could, causing me to crash into a standing vehicle.

Suggested improvements

A clearly visible bike lane like the green ones in Wicker Park. Signs to remind drivers to look out for cyclists. A bike lane. No turn on red.