Bicyclist nearly right-hooked on Kedzie at North Ave


Kedzie Avenue at North Avenue, southbound
Ward 26, Alderman Roberto Maldonaldo


Right hook
Had to stop abruptly

What happened

The driver of a gray Dodge SUV turned right onto North Avenue from Kedzie Boulevard on a green light but didn’t yield for me at the intersection. I crept to the intersection and they paced, just before they right-hooked me did they seem to fully realize the significance of the situation. As I stopped before the impending collision I was met with stares as though by being there i was somehow breaking a law. Driver and lady passenger stared contemptuously, safe in their steel tonnage after having come within inches of collision, then sped off…

Suggested improvements 

Join the two halves of the bike lane by dotted lines and paint the word yield on either side (not in the bike lane)

Editor’s note: The bike lane ends 150 feet before reaching North Avenue in favor of marking a right-turn lane for motorists.