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Driver honks, follows, and harasses bicyclist in Evanston


Harassing driver

What happened

I was taking my usual route to work and was stopped at the stop sign on Grove, attempting to cross Ridge. Ridge is very busy at this intersection and has no stop sign, so sometimes there is a wait to cross. A pick-up truck came up fast behind me and started honking. I turned to look and he had his right turn signal on. He gestured with his hand with a shooing motion indicating that I should cross, which was impossible with the given traffic, or move to let him through. I could do neither, because of space restrictions, so I held up my arm in front of me to let him know I was going straight and proceeded to wait for an opening to cross. He continued honking throughout my wait and then, when there was a break in traffic, I crossed. Instead of turning right, he also went straight, followed me and continued honking. He passed me on the next block far closer than the required 3 feet. I passed him on the right at the next stop light at Church and Asbury, where I went to the front of traffic, signaled, waited for the light to turn green and then turned left. He also turned left, followed me again, honking, and then had his passenger roll down the window to yell at me as they passed me, again unsafely, before blowing by me well over the speed limit.

I got their license number (K99 1437) but the police said they were not interested unless I was willing to be pulled out of work to be interviewed by an officer. I understand them having this requirement, but I was not able to take off the needed time from work.

Suggested improvements: [submitter didn’t provide any]

Bicyclist passed really closely on Green Bay Road in Glencoe


Passed really closely
Injury: No

What happened

Roadway description: No bicycle markings

Your story: There’s a section of Green Bay Road with narrow lanes and a raised median. I was riding southbound through this section about a foot from the right of the lane, and the driver of an older-model brown minivan revved his engine at me and then passed within two inches of me on the left side. Unfortunately he sped off and I wasn’t able to catch him/write down his plate number.

Suggested improvements: Always take the lane in this section until cycling infrastructure is improved.