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Right-hooked on Clybourn at Ashland where bike lane drops before intersection


Right hook (car turned right, across your path)
Injury: No

What happened

Roadway description: Sharrows (bicycle symbol with two chevrons)

Your story: I was travelling north in the [new] buffered bike lane on Clybourn approaching Ashland. The bike lane drops and all the cyclist is left with is a sharrow for a long stretch up to Ashland. It was a green light, I kept going north on Clybourn and a car fliesĀ over from the travel lane, around 45 mph, into the mixing zone to careen into a right turn north bound onto Ashland, missing me be mere feet.

Suggested improvements: Stripe the bike lane through the intersection. The new Clybourn buffered lanes are nice where there is an actual buffer. Otherwise sharrows and mixing zones are dangerous on a wide street like Clybourn. Best scenario is for actual protected bicycle lanes [currently banned on IDOT roads like Clybourn].