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Divvy rider rear ended but driver takes them to train station



What happened

I had rented a Divvy bike for the first time and was riding westbound on Madison toward the Ogilvie Transportation Center. I was in the bike lane, sandwiched between the bus lane and the car lanes. Suddenly, the bike I was riding on was struck from behind by a car. Fortunately, the driver was braking and struck the bike at a low speed. I was not knocked off the bike, but the back fender was pushed into the tire. After the collision, the bike could not be ridden. I was lucky not to be injured in this collision. Although I was riding defensively, there was nothing I could have done to protect myself from this collision. The driver of the car was not paying attention. He was attempting to make a right turn when he hit the bike. I call the Divvy customer service number and Divvy sent a van to pick up the bike. The car driver was very apologetic and gave me a ride to Ogilvie.

Suggested improvements for this location: I wonder why the bike lane is sandwiched between the car lanes and bus lane. Shouldn’t it be on the far right along the curb on this one-way westbound street? Seems like it would be safer.

Editor’s note: I have been advocating to stop using the centered bike lane design the way the City of Chicago has been designing them.