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Nearly clipped as driver makes right onto Clarendon when bicyclist continues straight on Broadway


Right hook

What happened

Your story: Just north of Sheridan and Halsted, Broadway splits off and becomes the main road heading slightly northeast. I generally look over my left shoulder in the event a car approaches and attempts to continue north on Halsted/Clarendon.

I was riding north on Halsted, crossed Sheridan and approached the split for Broadway. Looked over my shoulder to see a driver about 20 feet behind me and as I did that I suddenly heard the revving of an engine. He was gunning to pass me on the left to go right onto Clarendon while I was veering left to continue on Broadway.

At that point I would have at least collided with his right quarter panel had I continued, but I maintained my straight direction and waited for him to pass. He did so and continued onto Clarendon.

Suggested improvements for this location: IMPROVE LANE MARKINGS. Drivers often assume, for some reason, that a biker is riding north towards Clarendon in any situation.

Direct drivers to travel in a specific lane for Clarendon and Broadway, at this point the northbound “lane” is roughly two marked lanes wide. Extremely vague and close calls are frequent.

Ed. note: I would suggest aligning Clarendon to Sheridan to create a more right-angle intersection to eliminate the channelization effect. The default maneuver here is to follow the slight curve on Broadway, and bicyclists who do this are at risk being hooked by a car going straight from Broadway onto Clarendont.