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Bicyclist right-hooked on Grand by ABT delivery truck driver


Grand Ave at McClurg Ct
42nd Ward, Alderman Reilly


Right-hook (a right-hook doesn’t actually mean there has to be a collision; if you had to react with your bicycle, you had a right-hook)

What happened

I was heading westbound on Grand ave when an ABT delivery truck pulled from the left curb near McClurg to make a right at the intersection of Grand and McClurg. There were no signals for changing lanes or turning and no apparent observation of me by the occupants of the truck. No words were exchanged.

Suggested improvements

Nothing inherently wrong with the location pertaining to this incident.

Ed. note: I think that the bike lane doesn’t even look like a bike lane. For the whole length of the video you see a faded line on both sides, no bicycle symbols (markings), the line drops out on the right side as it passes a driveway, and it is dashed on the left side as it passes a driveway. I wouldn’t be surprised if drivers couldn’t identify it as a bike lane.