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Bicyclist on Broadway right-hooked by driver speeding to Dunkin Donuts


Right hook

What happened

Riding south on Broadway just after crossing Sheridan, driver sped past me then abruptly slowed and turned right into the Dunkin Donuts’s driveway.

As the driver turned, he was less than ten feet in front of me. There was zero traffic due to the time of the day and the driver had no reason to operate the vehicle in that manner.

Ed. note: submitter declined to suggest improvements, saying,

I don’t have a recommendation regarding infrastructure. A bike lane, even a PBL, won’t solve it, it may raise awareness, but the driver knew I was there or else he wouldn’t have sped around me.

What should the driver have done instead? Slow down and allow me to pass the driveway before pulling in. Both of us were within 50 feet of the driveway when this occurred and would not have been an inconvenience to the driver.