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Had to stop abruptly

What happened

Driver was proceeding west from an alleyway attempting to turn south onto Glenwood. Driver repeatedly looked left and right, I was aware of his desire and prepared to stop in case he pulled out. At the moment the driver pulled out, I was roughly 10 feet from his vehicle and then slammed on my brakes to stop less than five feet from the car door.

Received the “OH NO” look from the driver and they quickly continued their turn southbound onto Glenwood.

Suggested improvements for this location: It’s an alley, drivers must pay attention and look for ALL traffic and not just cars. There isn’t much that I’m aware of that can be done to prevent this again.

Editor’s note: Daylighting the alley entrance by pulling back car parking 30 feet in direction of travel, 20 feet in opposite direction can address this situation. This is what you see at some crosswalks (it’s only required to park this far away from a crosswalk when a sign says so).