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Driver makes eye contract on Jackson but still almost runs into bicyclist


Passed closely

What happened

I was biking in the rightmost “bus” lane on Jackson (which is one-way, eastbound here) when a driver in the second-to-rightmost lane put on his blinker. I was biking directly next to the driver. I made eye contact with the driver and proceeded as he slowed to pull over. He pulled right into me, forcing me to pedal faster to get ahead. Otherwise he world have knocked me over or I would have been forced into the curb.

Suggested improvements for this location: Protected bike lane. There is plenty of room to accommodate all modes on this wide one-way.

Young driver on phone goes straight instead of left when bicyclist had crosswalk signal


Passed really closely
Injury: No

What happened

Roadway description: Crosswalk

Your story: I was crossing Lake Shore Drive at the intersection with Jackson Boulevard.¬†When I got halfway to through the intersection on my bike, a driver whom was supposed to turn left onto Jackson Boulevard decided to continue straight onto LSD through the red light and into my crosswalk. The early 20’s girl was on the phone too. I caught up to her and her excuse was… “I am new to the city” I told her if I didn’t have disc breaks then she would have killed me.

Suggested improvements: Submitter didn’t provide