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Bicyclist told they don’t belong on the road, tries to run them off Kimball


1. Passed really closely
2. Swerved into your path and then out of your path
Injury: No

What happened

Roadway description: No bicycle markings

Your story: The driver buzzed my shoulder on Lincoln just north of Devon. The driver was caught in traffic and I passed him after we both turned south-bound onto Kimball Ave. The driver revved his engine and swerved at me north of Peterson Ave on Kimball. I took the opportunity of both of us being stopped at the Peterson/Kimball light to get my phone and turn on the camera.

At Ardmore and Kimball he was stopped well ahead of me and I took pictures of his license plate.  The driver then put his car into reverse and drove at me in reverse nearly hitting me as I stood next to parked cars.

The driver then accosted me for “being in his way” and that I should “get off the road”. I told the driver he needed to keep 3 feet away from me [as required by city and state laws]. When the light changed I attempted to ride away and the driver revved his engine again at me, then drove alongside me and continued yelling obscenities.

At this point, just south of Ardmore, the driver swerved at me and ran me into parked cars and took off. The driver behind us witnessed the entire scenario and has offered to be a witness. The driver’s license plate number is CRD 5, it is a memorial Fire Fighters plate. The car is a bright red Honda Civic Si.

The incident was reported to a police officer and I plan to pursue charges.

Suggested improvements: Get this guy out of a car! The street is typically pretty safe and plenty wide. This one isn’t the fault of the road, it’s the fault of a single driver.